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Sometimes nature expresses herself too loudly. However, the unfriendly outcome may be hidden from the untrained eye. New Mexico Roofing Professionals are the team of experts specializing in hail damage roof repair. We understand all the ways hail and storm damaged roofs can impact your roof. We operate right where you are, in Albuquerque.

Our combined years of experience and leadership in the industry is significant. It means we can help you through a painless claim process with any major home insurance company to handle hail damage roof repair cost. Our speciality is all aspects of roof repair, roof maintenance and roofing restoration in Albuquerque, NM. We would be glad to serve you our full course of robust claims and repairs services, come hail or storm.

As a hail damage roof repair team in Albuquerque, respect and trust describe how our clients see us. Whether for new roof installations, repair of flat roofs, clay tiles, asphalt shingles, shingle roof and metal roof installation, New Mexico Roofing Professionals are the true custodians of your roof. We know what to do about your roofing when there is hail damage in Albuquerque.

With your roof construction project in our hands, you can go ahead and live life with the fullest zest. No matter how large the project is, we spare you the unnerving stress and headaches. Our consistent quality is our guarantee.

Hail Damage Roofing in Albuquerque

If there’s an area notorious for inclement weather and hail storms, it’s Albuquerque, NM. Such incidents are not friendly to your home’s exterior, and roofs are highly vulnerable. New Mexico Roofing Professionals have extensive experience in handling roof repair projects in Albuquerque. We’re not only interested in fixing your hail-damaged roofing. We assist through the claims process in a distinct way that shows how deeply we understand this industry. Whether it’s gutter repair, siding repair, or window replacement, New Mexico Roofing Professionals is the go-to company for your roof repair and roof restoration in Albuquerque, NM.

How can you identify a hail-damaged roof?

The usual thing is for hail to make a hole causing permanent damage to the shingle. In addition to creating a hole in your shingle roof, hailstones can also crack or even flatten the shingle roof surface. Inevitably, your hail-damaged roofing is unable to keep out rainwater, snow, and all other forms of precipitation.

Until some hail damage becomes visible in your house, it is not precisely apparent to what extent a hailstorm has impacted your roof. After big storms, Christian Rubalcaba and his expert team can cast a professional eye to determine the extent of damage and offer the best professional advice for your situation.

Hail damage to shingles roof repair  may appear as simple as the surface granules getting shaves off the shingle. While this seems harmless, the sheer amount of force that displaces materials off the shingle roof significantly compromises its integrity, preparing the way for a water invasion. A small hail damage impact on a shingle can leave you with a roof leak.

How much does it cost to repair hail damage on the roof?

Paying roof repair costs from your pocket is something no one is happy to do. Thankfully, the majority of homeowner insurance policies include hail damage repair. Roof hail damage is typically covered a year or two after the hail occurred, though it might be shorter.

Once the storm hits, get in touch with New Mexico Roofing Professionals in Albuquerque for a comprehensive roof repair estimate after the hail damage roof disaster. If you’re impressed with the forecast, we are willing to work with you to file your insurance claim.  We can also see how much of your hail damage roof repair cost with your your home or business insurance coverage can support.

How do I claim hail damage on my roof?

Always report hail damage as soon as it happens. Remember, we said we could help you process hail roof claims after hail damage? Several insurance companies give you a six-month claim time limit window to make a claim. We’ll summarize this straightforward claim process for you:

1.   Professionals at New Mexico Roofing will provide you with concrete guidance on claim applications after hail damage. Never mind, the cost is on us.

2.   Then, you’ll contact your insurance company to file a claim, specifying the date of the recent hail storm. Your insurance agent will be able to direct you to the appropriate claims department.

3.   Upon filing a claim, an insurance adjuster will receive your claim number.

4.   It takes anywhere between 4-7 days after your first contact. The assigned insurance adjuster will contact you to get an appointment to inspect the whole property.

5.   You will then let us (New Mexico Roofing Professionals) know the date and time for the appointment, so we get to meet the insurance adjuster on your property. New Mexico Roofing Professionals’ insurance claim experts will ensure the adjuster accurately calculates present damage.

6.   We would reach an agreement with your insurance adjuster, who will return all ensuing paperwork to the insurance company. Their review of the paperwork and sending you an adjustment summary of the claim takes around 5-7 business days.7.   Call us once you receive your summary. We will fix an appointment to ascertain the adjustment is in order – assessing hail damage to roof vents and shingles, dented gutters, gutter screens, downspouts, sidings, and windowsills. Then you can receive your scope of work and your first check (which includes the Actual Cash Value of the claim). The Actual Cash Value is the total cost of the job after subtracting deductible and depreciation. Once the contracted project is complete, subtract the latter.​

What size hail causes roof damage?

In our vast experience serving the Albuquerque, NM area, we have seen our fair share of hailstorms and the possible hail damage roof repair cost that can occur to roofs. It takes a hailstone at least one inch in diameter to cause harm to regular asphalt shingles.

Everyday objects can give an idea of the different hail sizes. Based on the diameter, see the simple hail size chart below:

 ¼ inch Pea-sized hail
 ½ inch
 Marble-sized hail
 ¾ inch
 Dime or Penny-sized hail
 7/8 inch
 Nickel-sized hail
 1 inch Quarter-sized hail
 1½ inches
 Golf-ball sized hail
 2½ inch
 Tennis ball-sized hail
 2¾ inches
 Baseball-sized hail
 3 inches Teacup-sized hail
 4 inches Softball-sized hail

These different hailstone sizes have proportionate damage potential on various roofing materials, as surveys and studies have shown. Indeed, there is substantial evidence to show a positive correlation between hail size and damage potential. The following hail size impact chart can help you see how various stone sizes could impact your roofing material:​​

Material Hailstone Size
 3-Tab Organic Asphalt Shingles 1 inch
 3-Tab Fiberglass Asphalt Shingles 1¼ inches
 Cedar Shingles 1¼ inches
 Fibre-cement Tiles 1¼ inches
 Flat Concrete Tiles 1¼ inches
 Heavy Cedar Shakes 1½ inches
 30-Year Laminated Shingles 1½ inches
 Built-up Gravel Roofing 2 inches
 S-shaped Concrete Tiles 2 inches

So, regardless of where you are in your roof repair process, New Mexico Roofing Professionals will restore your metal roof, shingle roof, or car roof to top shape. We will help you stay sane regardless of the hail storm or the hail damage that might accompany it. You should call us today on 505-429-3777. We can help you through the hail damage roof damage claim process for repairing hail damage.

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